Introduction to some of the Trees, Flowering Bushes and Flowers Found on WNC Trails

We are not naturalists and this is not a complete or definitive discussion of the flora to be found on WNC trails. However, in addition to the great views on these trails, the flowering bushes and trail flowers are not to be missed – especially the blueberries!  There are numerous resources available that detail the timing and location of the blooms and we have included a few helpful links. 

We have also included photo galleries of many of the bushes and flowers in bloom along with the time of the bloom and the trail where we took the photo.  Enjoy!

Links to Other Resources

Flowering Bush Gallery – In Order of Blooming

Wild Mountain Azalea – Uncommon, First of May – North Side of Pilot Mountain and Deep Gap

Mountain Laurel – Abundant, First of June – Montreat West Ridge

Flame Azalea – Common, Early June – Grassy Ridge Bald (Roan Mountain)

Blueberry – Common, Early August – Graveyard Fields, Black Balsam/Shining Rock, Grassy Ridge Bald (Roan Mt.)

Carolina Rhodo – Uncommon, Early May – Snook’s Nose

Catawba Rhodo – Abundant, Early June – Grassy Ridge Bald (Roan Mt.)

Rosebay Rhodo – Abundant, Mid June – Everywhere

Fall Foliage – Common but spotty, Mid October – Abundant in Graveyard Fields

Tree and Bush Gallery

Trail Flower Gallery