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2.1 m, 731 ft   M 

1640 ft max elevation

Seasonal Accessibility

This area is open all year.

Trailhead Coordinates

N35 15 43.62 W82 17 5.82 (DMS)
N35 15.727 W82 17.097 (DM)

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View – the hike goes to a rocky outcropping that offers an impressive, elevated, albeit somewhat long range, view of Bradley Falls on Cove Creek.

Note: this hike is not actually located within the Green River Game Lands but is located south of the Green River.

Hike Profile – a 2.1 mile out and back hike that features a gentle ascent until the trail descends sharply for a short distance to the Bradley Falls viewing area. After viewing the falls, you can return to the main trail and continue going north until the trail ends at a modest view spot with obstructed, long range views of the Green River Game Lands area.  There is an initial creek crossing over Cove Creek that requires wading.  This trail is rated Moderate because of the creek crossing and difficult descent to the falls viewing area.

Because this hike is relatively short, most hikers also do the Little Bradley Falls hike.  That trailhead is located just across the road from the Bradley Falls parking area.  See the Little Bradley Falls Hike Description for more information.

Trail Surface – the trail is mostly smooth dirt and is dry and pleasant to walk on.  The spur trail that descends to the Bradley Falls viewing area is steep and rocky with exposed roots.  A near vertical climb down the side of a rock to the viewing area of about 5 feet is required and may not be suitable for everyone. The creek crossing is relatively wide and requires wading through 6 – 18 inches of fast moving water with a slippery bottom.  Bare feet are NOT advised.  We used waders and Neos Trekker Overshoes to make the crossing after a period of wet weather.

Environment – the trail goes through a thick growth of hardwood and evergreen trees.

Navigation – the trail is wide, well-used and easy to follow.  The trail goes eventually to the end of a ridge that features a small rocky view spot.  About three quarters of the way to the end of the trail, the trail that goes to the falls view spot branches off the main trail to the left.  This trail has no sign but the blue blazes follow the trail down to the view spot and are fairly easy to spot.

Directions to Trailhead – the parking area is located 3.4 miles east from exit 59 off of I-26 on Holbert Cove Road.  The trailhead is located on the north (left-hand) side of Holbert Cove Road just before the road crosses Cove Creek.

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